A Track Record of Verdicts and Settlements for Our Clients

At Williams Law Association, P.A., serving clients in Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, and Spring Hill, Florida, we take pride in the results we have achieved for many valued clients through vigorous investigation and litigation.

Below are summaries of several successful efforts in our chosen practice areas. Every potential case is unique, and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific problem or dispute with accomplished attorney K.C. Williams.

Rear-End Collision and Insurance Dispute: Substantial Jury Verdict - $1,700,000

Our client was rear-ended by a driver insured by Allstate Insurance. Despite the low limits of available insurance coverage, the clear liability of Allstate's insured driver, and the severity of our client's injuries, Allstate refused to tender the available $10,000 of insurance coverage to resolve our client's claim and protect its own insured party. Allstate continued to refuse to resolve this matter for several years and, in fact, vigorously disputed the obvious fact that its insured had caused the accident all the way through trial.

After a weeklong trial on this matter, the jury awarded our client approximately $1.7 million - 170 times the limits of the Allstate Insurance policy. Vigorously pursuing the matter after the verdict was delivered, we collected every penny of the jury's verdict plus interest on behalf of our client.

Denied Condominium Insurance Claim: $1,600,000 Settlement for Condo Association

Our client submitted an insurance claim for damage caused to its commercial buildings by sinkhole activity. Our client's insurance carrier refused to accept the clear evidence contained in its own expert reports and denied our client's damage claim in its entirety. After substantial litigation on the matter, the insurance company finally agreed to provide coverage, but only offered meager repairs which would have been inadequate to return our client's property back to its pre-loss condition.

After further pursuing the matter, we were able to obtain the insurance company's payment of $1,600,000 in full resolution of the matter. This amount was over 3 times the insurance company's offered repairs and approximately 60% over a previous appraisal estimation of the damages.

Sinkhole Damage Claim: $820,000.00 Settlement for Apartment Complex Owners

When the owners of a large, multi-building apartment complex noticed damage to their buildings which could have been the result of sinkhole activity, they contacted our firm for help pursuing their insurance claim. After our firm's initial presentation of the claim, the insurance company offered an amount of money insufficient to fully compensate our clients for their loss.

Our firm fully analyzed the damage to our clients' buildings and fought for the additional funds necessary for the full repair of the structures. After a long battle with the insurance company, we obtained a settlement for approximately double the amount of money the insurance company initially offered to resolve the claim. With these funds, the building owners were finally able to fully repair the damage to their buildings.

Significant Car Crash Requiring Surgery: $600,000 Recovery

Our client was the passenger of a car involved in a multi-vehicle accident. As a direct result of the defendant's negligent operation of his motor vehicle, our client suffered significant injuries to her neck and back, which ultimately led to her having to undergo complicated surgery in an effort to alleviate her pain.

When our client first came to us, the insurance company was refusing to pay even our client's most basic medical bills. After aggressively pursuing the insurance company and building a substantial case on behalf of our client, we were able to obtain a substantial recovery, which allowed our client to obtain the medical care she needed and to put her life back together after this horrific accident.

Insurance Claim: Sinkhole Damage Recovery for a Homeowner - $409,285.00 Verdict

Our client came to us because his insurance claim for sinkhole damage had been denied by State Farm Insurance Company. Prior to our involvement in the case, State Farm had paid two separate experts to render opinions that our client's house had not been affected by sinkhole activity, despite the fact that several other homes in the neighborhood - including his immediate neighbor's home - had been confirmed as sinkhole-damaged properties. State Farm had also obtained a "neutral evaluator" who gave the requested opinion that the property had not been affected by sinkhole activity.

After presenting the case to a jury during a weeklong trial, the jury agreed with us that sinkhole activity was the cause of damage to our client's property. The court awarded our client an amount of money equal to 150 percent of his insurance policy limits, plus accrued interest on that amount from the date the claim was filed and additional amounts for attorney's fees and costs.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $325,000.00 Settlement

Our client was rear-ended by the driver of a pick-up truck. The force of this action severely injured our client's neck so much so that she had to undergo surgery in an effort to alleviate the pain she was experiencing. After long and contentious litigation, we were finally able to obtain a settlement of $325,000 for our client's injuries

Slip and Fall Accident - $275,000.00 Settlement.

Our client was visiting a local furniture store when she tripped over a rug which was negligently shoved between two pieces of furniture. Due to the design of the furniture in the store, our client had no choice but to walk in between two sofas and caught her foot on a portion of the rug which was "tented" due to having been squeezed between these two sofas. Our client severely injured her neck and back due to this fall and ultimately was forced to have surgery to treat these injuries. After aggressively pursuing the furniture store through litigation, we were ultimately able to obtain a settlement of $275,000 for our client's injuries.

Sinkhole Claim Denial in Hernando County - $260,000.00, plus Attorney's Fees, Costs and Interest

After noticing a substantial amount of damage to their home in Brooksville, our clients placed a sinkhole damage claim with their insurance company, Tower Hill Select Insurance Company. Instead of honoring the claim, Tower Hill Select Insurance Company chose to deny our clients' claim and to force our clients to file a lawsuit in order to obtain the benefit of their insurance policy. Throughout the five day trial of this matter, Tower Hill presented numerous expert witnesses who were clearly biased towards the insurance company, and our firm worked hard to demonstrate this bias to the jury. Furthermore, our firm also had the task of demonstrating that the Neutral Evaluator - who also testified that the home had not been damaged by sinkhole activity - was not "neutral" at all, considering over 90% of his yearly revenue was from insurance companies!

After a five day jury trial in Hernando County, the jury awarded our clients the full amount of their damages to repair their home. Since we were the prevailing party in the case, Tower Hill was also responsible for not only the payment of all of the attorney's fees and costs incurred in the prosecution of the matter, but also interest on the full amount of the jury award.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $250,000.00 Settlement

Our client was rear-ended by the negligent driver of a large automobile. As the result of this accident, our client incurred a substantial amount of injuries to his lower back and the limitations set forth by these injuries put his military career in jeopardy. After vigorously pursuing the insurance company of the negligent driver and proving our willingness to take this case to trial, we were able to obtain a $250,000.00 settlement for our client.

Sinkhole Failed Repair Claim in Pasco County – Settlement for Policy Limits, Plus $50,000.00

Upon our clients’ initial presentation of their claim, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation acknowledged that our clients’ home had been damaged by sinkhole activity, but forced our clients to perform the inadequate repairs set forth by Citizens’ chosen engineers. Despite Citizens’ spending almost the entire policy limits forcing inadequate repairs upon our clients and the home continuing to incur structural damage – Citizens refused to offer any additional repairs or resolution to our clients.

We aggressively pursued Citizens for the additional repairs necessary to fully restore the home until – a week before the jury trial – Citizens agreed to tender the entire policy limits (with no deduction for previous payments), plus an additional $50,000.00. With these funds, our clients will finally be able to restore their home to its pre-loss condition.

Sinkhole Claim Denial Verdict in Pinellas County - $75,000.00, plus Attorney's Fees and Costs.

When our clients submitted their damage claim to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Citizens quickly hired a group of "pocket" engineers and geologists who rendered the opinion that our clients' damage was not covered under the policy. This claim was then submitted to the Neutral Evaluation process, and the Neutral Evaluator also rendered the opinion that our clients' loss was not covered under the policy.

After a four day jury trial, the jury ultimately rendered a verdict in favor of our clients and awarded our clients every penny that we asked for in our closing arguments. Even beyond awarding our clients everything we asked for, the jury then hand wrote onto their verdict form some additional damages which we had (apparently) convinced them to award to our clients!

Sinkhole Claim Denial in Pinellas County - Full Repair of Client's Home, plus Attorney's Fees and Costs

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation denied our client's sinkhole damage claim in St. Petersburg, Florida. After the initial denial of our client's claim, Citizens Property Insurance continued to fight the payment of his claim for almost three years. Our firm pushed the claim to a jury trial in order to make Citizens honor its obligations to its insured. After the presentation of all of our experts and evidence at trial, Citizens Property Insurance agreed to settle the case by fully repairing our client's home and paying all of our attorney's fees and costs incurred in the prosecution of our client's case.

Sinkhole Settlement Damage: Successfully Contested Wrongful Claim Denial

Our client's home had incurred a substantial amount of settlement-related damage, but his insurance carrier denied the claim he presented. He then sought the advice of a lawyer who was not proficient in sinkhole claims, and that lawyer advised him to abandon the home and to let it go into foreclosure. The homeowner accepted this advice, but was referred to our firm a few years later.

Our firm immediately reassessed the situation and pursued the insurance company for the cost to repair our client's home. We filed suit against the insurance company for its wrongful denial of the claim and were able to obtain a full recovery of the cost to repair our client's home. Furthermore, as a result of the extreme amount of damage the home had incurred, we were also able to negotiate a full waiver of the mortgage on the subject property. This case clearly illustrates the importance of selecting a law firm with experience handling your specific type of claim in order to maximize your recovery.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Allstate Insurance Company sues our Client for Damages, we defend Client against Insurance Company Lawsuit and recover substantial verdict in favor of our Client.

Our client came to us because he was being sued by Allstate Insurance and its insured driver after involvement in a motor vehicle accident. Allstate was suing our client for property damage caused to the vehicle belonging to Allstate's insured driver. Despite the fact that our client was unemployed and would never have been able to pay any judgment to Allstate, the company refused to budge and pushed the case all the way through trial. After vigorously advocating this case before a jury of our client's peers, our firm was not only able to defeat Allstate's claims, but was also able to obtain a significant monetary judgment against Allstate and its insured driver. This judgment was even upheld on an appeal of the matter.