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You purchased property insurance because you wanted to protect your property. And you faithfully paid each and every premium.

You Kept Your End Of The Bargain. Shouldn't Your Insurance Company Keep Theirs?

Now you have storm damage. Your insurance was meant to cover issues just like this. So you filed your claim. But now you are getting nothing from your insurance company but problems.

You shouldn't have to fight your insurance company. After all, you kept your end of the bargain. Isn't it time they kept theirs?

Fighting Your Insurance Company? We Can Help.

At Williams Law Association, P.A., we say "Yes!" Your insurance company should keep its end of the bargain.

Sadly, however, what your insurer is doing is not unusual. In our experience, most companies deny claims, or cover only a limited method of repair, or a host of other issues. In these situations, you need the legal advice of an experienced insurance claim attorney.

At Williams Law Association, P.A., we will review your damages, examine your insurance policy and provide you with reliable advice concerning your legal options. We assist clients with filing claims, sorting out damage and repair issues, and claim denials.

We are happy to provide you with a free initial consultation to ensure you are reaping the full benefits of your insurance policy. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation with an experienced Tampa insurance lawyer.

Our experienced insurance claims lawyer, K.C. Williams, can provide you with professional and experienced representation throughout Florida. With more than 20 years of experience, he assists homeowners and business owners file and appeal claims for damage caused by storms, including hurricanes, tropical storms and high winds.

Florida Insurance Claims Lawyer

Although we are known primarily for sinkhole litigation, we bring the same high-quality representation and level of service to clients with other insurance issues, including bad faith insurance claims, commercial insurance claims, disability claims, condominium claims, homeowner insurance claims as well as a wide range of personal injury practice areas, including auto accidents, medical malpractice, and slip-and-fall accidents.

We represent our clients throughout the entire process — from the beginning of the claim all the way through trial, if necessary.

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