Sinkhole Claims

Are you beginning to notice cracks in your foundation, flooring, walls or steps? As recently demonstrated by the massive sinkhole in Gainesville, this cracking damage may be the result of sinkhole activity beneath your house or place of business. If the damage is the result of a sinkhole, you may be able to file for compensation from your insurance company for the damage caused to your home or business.

Required Sinkhole Insurance Coverage

Florida law requires all insurance companies that issue property insurance in Florida to provide coverage for damage caused by sinkholes. Even though the requirement exists, some insurance companies refuse to pay claims. Denials often cite that the property damage was the result of something other than sinkhole activity. In some cases, where the insurance company acknowledges the source of the damage, it will try to settle the claim for less money than the actual damages or recommend the cheapest (and often least effective) repair.

We recommend you consult with a knowledgeable attorney before agreeing to any settlement or signing any papers with your insurance company.

Tampa sinkhole claims attorney K.C. Williams has been helping people like you with sinkhole issues and concerns since 1995. He has handled major sinkhole litigation, lectured extensively and taught other lawyers about Florida sinkhole law. We can assist you with all phases of making a sinkhole claim, including the following:

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