The Three Major Types Of Sinkholes

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Solution, Cover Subsidence, And Cover Collapsed Sinkholes

While sinkhole activity can occur in a number of ways, the following are the three most common types of sinkholes:

Solution sinkholes

Occur in areas where limestone is exposed at the surface or is covered by thin layers of soil or sand. Results in a gradual downward movement of the land surface and the development of a depression that collects increasing amounts of surface runoff.

Cover collapse sinkholes

Occur where a solution cavity develops in the limestone to such a size that the overlying cover material can no longer support its own weight. When a collapse occurs, it is generally very abrupt and can be catastrophic.

Cover subsidence sinkholes

Occur where the cover material is relatively incohesive and permeable, and individual grains of sand move downward in sequence to replace grains that have already moved downward to replace dissolved limestone.

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