After a storm: Choosing a contractor

Conventional wisdom says that the Florida hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 1, giving us about a month until the season concludes. Of course, Tampa residents understand that hurricanes can arrive before or after the so-called season.

In the aftermath of a storm, homeowners and business owners often have to hire a contractor to help repair damage caused by storm surges, high winds and heavy rain.

A Florida roofing company owner says that after a storm, the pressure can be intense on both homeowners and general contractors to get repairs done. He says it is important for both the contractor and homeowner to work together.

He said after a big storm, it is important that homeowners understand that they can act before an insurance adjuster arrives. He said that in many cases, it makes sense for a homeowner to either put a tarp over damaged areas or hire someone to put up a tarp to help prevent further damage.

That can begin the important drying process critical to staving off more damage.

Before hiring a contractor, it is important to look for reputable companies and then consider several factors before settling on one to fix your house or business. For instance, is the contractor you are considering fully licensed to do the type of work you need? Is the company fully insured?

Is the contractor local? Sometimes out-of-town contractors show up in the aftermath of a storm; some of them might not be scrupulous about finishing work properly. Out-of-town roofers and general contractors also might not be around if there are problems or questions regarding the repairs.

Using common sense and the advice from the contractor can help you avoid problems with roof and other home repairs. When problems with an insurance claim arise, you can contact Williams Law Association, P.A., for a confidential discussion of how best to challenge insurer and protect your interests.