Bad Faith Insurance Claim Delays

Holding Florida Insurance Companies Accountable For Withholding Payment

Insurance policies are legally enforceable contracts, and insurers of all types are governed by laws addressing good faith and fair dealing. Not all serious, actionable cases of bad faith insurance claims arise from outright denials of a claim or coverage. An unreasonable delay in investigating, adjusting and paying for an insured’s loss can also constitute insurance bad faith.

Some insurance companies are notorious for delay tactics, including employing the overall strategy that policyholders often become frustrated and drop pursuit of their claims or accept less than they deserve. At Williams Law Association, P.A. — serving the Greater Tampa area from three full-service offices — we counteract potential insurance bad faith with thorough investigation and decisive action.

Are Bad Faith Claim Delays Creating Financial Hardship For You?

For many of our clients, a lengthy delay in paying insurance benefits can create severe financial hardship. You may be unable to proceed with essential house repairs, for example, or unable to continue medical treatment due to unpaid bills. Your credit rating may suffer, limiting your future prospects and harming you financially for many years to come.

In recognition of these very real consequences, an attorney at our firm will take your insurance payment delay seriously and will thoroughly investigate actions such as:

Skilled Insurance Law Counsel Is One Call Away

Simply stated, you depend on your insurance company to pay your valid claim in full in a timely manner, and the law is on your side. To put a skilled lawyer to work on your case,
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