After the Storm: Waiting, Hoping for Insurers to Pay Claims

Many residents are still unable to return to their homes, though flood waters receded in the middle of August. Common problems homeowners face include a shortage of contractors and delays in getting insurance companies to pay claims.

A recent news report told the story of a woman whose small house sits east of Baton Rouge. Though she has flood insurance, she says her insurance company uses a variety of stalling tactics when she calls inquiring about her claim.

Meanwhile, she lives in a partially repaired home with bare concrete floors and missing large sections of interior walls. She describes the experience as “frustrating, depressing.”

Before the rains hit, her house was on the market. The asking price then was $150,000. Today, she is considering an offer for $80,000.

A man who lives two doors away is living in a borrowed camper parked in his driveway. He says he can’t sell his house because it is no longer worth anything. So he’s rebuilding it bit by bit, though he anticipates a return one day of the flooding.

While some homeowners wait for their flood insurance claims to be finally paid, others are hoping that the federal and state governments will assist them.

Here in Tampa, we know that in many cases homeowners will not get their insurance claims resolved until they get the help of an experienced attorney. At Williams Law Association, P.A., we help homeowners and business owners get the compensation they deserve.