Florida Insurance Denials and Appeals Attorney

Dealing with an insurance claim in Florida can be difficult for you and your family after a disaster, such as a car accident or hurricane. Even if you do everything right, an insurance company may find a reason – or fabricate one – to reject your claim and deny benefits. You have legal options and remedies available to you in this situation, including appealing the denial. Work with an attorney from Williams Law, P.A. for assistance with insurance denials and appeals in Florida. We will guide your family through this process using personalized legal services.

How an Insurance Lawyer in Florida Can Help

An insurance company is more likely to take you seriously if you have a lawyer. Your attorney will know how to push back against an insurer that has denied your claim. If there was a valid reason for the denial, your attorney can submit further documentation to reverse the decision. If the denial was given without a valid reason, your attorney can file a bad-faith insurance claim on your behalf to demand justice. Your lawyer will choose the correct course of action for your unique needs and situation.

Can You Appeal an Insurance Claim Denial?

If your claim gets denied by an insurance company in Florida, read the rejection letter carefully to decipher the reason for the insurer’s decision. Then, review the insurance policy you were using to understand what it covers, what it does not cover, and any limitations or exclusions. There may be a valid reason for the denial, such as a lack of proper insurance coverage or an exclusion. The insurance company may also have made an administrative error, such as overlooking a piece of information that you already submitted.

In these cases, a lawyer can help you address the problem or search for another source of compensation. If your lawyer believes there is grounds to file an appeal, he or she may do this on your behalf instead. An appeal is an official request for the insurance company to change the decision that it made on your claim. Most insurance appeals start at the internal level, with a letter submitted to the insurer to request a review performed by someone else at the company.

If an internal review does not change the decision, your appeal can move to the next level – filing a request with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for an external review. You must request an external review within 60 days of the date that you received the final decision from the insurance company. The Department will investigate for signs of wrongdoing by the insurer and may organize a resolution.

When Is an Insurance Denial Bad Faith?

Some insurance denials are given in bad faith. This means that your claim rejection was wrongful and unfounded; you had a valid claim, but the insurance company denied benefits for an invalid reason or no reason at all. Unfortunately, insurance bad faith in Florida is a common issue experienced by policyholders, as insurance companies are for-profit organizations that put their bottom lines first. If there is proof that an insurance company denied your claim in bad faith – such as through fraud or dishonesty – you may have grounds to bring a bad-faith lawsuit against the insurer to pursue additional compensation on top of reimbursement for your original claim.

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Insurance companies are often guilty of mishandling claims and taking advantage of clients. Some insurers will even go as far as to break the law to avoid paying a claim. The best thing to do if you receive an insurance claim denial in Florida is to contact Williams Law, P.A. to review your case for free. Our lawyers can help you go up against a large and powerful insurance company.