Florida Homeowner’s: Roof Damage from a Storm and the Insurance Company Won’t Pay?

Insurance companies will often claim that the damage to your roof is the result of old age, lack of maintenance, or some other mysterious cause which – surprisingly! – is not covered under your policy. If the insurance company does offer any compensation for your damage, the company will often only offer to pay for a portion of your roof or just the minimum necessary to keep water from dripping on your head. Despite what the insurance company’s adjuster might tell you, your policy provides for more than just minimum patchwork when a portion of your roof is damaged. The insurance company has the obligation to fully restore your roof to a pre-loss condition and, most times, that will mean the full replacement of your roof.

Most importantly, do not undertake this process alone. You should hire an attorney with experience handling first-party property insurance claims and use that attorney’s experience to level the playing field with the insurance company. In most cases, Florida law mandates that your insurance company be responsible for the payment of your attorney’s fees and costs should you prevail on your claim at trial – so there is no reason not to obtain legal counsel to assist with the presentation of your claim.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance policy or need assistance with your insurance claim, please contact our office. Our legal team has a reputation for obtaining excellent results on insurance claims and we stand ready to assist you with your claim.