Tampa Cast Iron Pipe Damage Claims Attorney

Florida homes and commercial properties built before 1975 commonly use cast iron pipe systems. Many of these systems are in the process of failure, which can result in costly damage to the structures surrounding them. Replacement of cast iron pipe systems and water damage repair can be expensive, and insurance companies often deny or underpay claims related to older pipes.

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Cast Iron Pipe Issues

Prior to 1975, the vast majority of Florida properties contained cast iron pipes. The material was originally used due to its longevity and durability, but was susceptible to corrosion and deterioration. The introduction of PVC rendered cast iron obsolete, but the material remains in place in many Florida buildings.

Cast iron pipe systems throughout the state are actively corroding, but waterfront areas like Tampa are even more susceptible due to the salt and moisture-rich environment. This corrosion can release rust into the water, posing health risks for some individuals. Contaminated water can also be smelly or unpleasant tasting.

Corrosion also leads to weakened, leaky pipes, which can raise consumer water bills and slowly leak sewage into personal and local water supplies. Over time, constantly seeping water and sewage can also result in mold and bacteria contamination of water, earth, and building materials. Left unmitigated, these damages can lead to total failure, resulting in major sewage leaks and devastating water damage to structures, lawns, and other property.

Signs of Ongoing Cast Iron Pipe Failure

Corroded cast iron pipes can show several signs before failing completely.

Who Is Liable to Pay for Cast Iron Pipe Failure?

Replacement of failed pipes and repair to subsequent property damage typically falls to the homeowner. In some cases, a homeowners association (HOA) may include certain related repairs in its fees; in this case, membership documents often outline liabilities. Most often, however, victims of pipe failure rely on personal funds or property insurance to rectify damages caused by failing pipes.

Why Should Homeowners Seek an Attorney?

Insurance companies have a history of refusing coverage to victims of cast iron pipe failure, claiming systems have suffered normal wear and tear or reached the natural end of their lifespan. Even in accepted claims, companies can lowball the insured, leaving homeowners with costly excess repair fees or a legal struggle they are unprepared to undertake. A Tampa cast iron pipe damage claim attorney with insurance settlement and lawsuit experience is best equipped to handle these complicated, often time-consuming proceedings.

Williams Law P.A. Can Help

If you or a loved one reside in the Tampa area and have experienced a recent cast iron pipe failure that damaged your home, personal property, or business, contact Williams Law P.A. to discuss your options. Insurance companies use many tactics to avoid extending coverage to damages relating to cast iron pipe failure. Should your insurance company fail you, enjoy peace of mind knowing that Williams Law P.A. has the insurance and property damage experience necessary to help you get your property – and your life – back to normal.

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