Florida Laws

What Is An Insurance Breach of Contract in Florida?

Insurance companies have a wealth of experience preparing contracts and litigating policy terms. They also have experience maximizing their profits through business practices that minimize claim payouts. Insurers carefully word their policies using the language that is most conducive to making a profit. If the insurance company breaches a contract with a client, however, the… read more

Florida Scooter Laws

Scooters are a popular way to get around in Florida, when the weather permits. Motor scooters are fuel efficient, fast, and more eco-friendly than cars. As more Floridians opt to use motor scooters instead of typical passenger vehicles, however, the risk of serious personal injuries increases. Reviewing Florida’s scooter laws can help keep riders safe… read more

Is Florida a No-Fault State?

Florida has a set of rules that every driver must follow in order to remain in compliance with state auto insurance law. One of these rules, Florida’s “No-Fault” insurance statute, requires drivers in a car accident to carry a minimum amount of coverage in case serious injuries occur. This coverage can help pay for hospitalization,… read more

Are There Caps for Medical Malpractice Claims in Florida?

Many states impose “caps,” or limits, on the amount of damages a plaintiff can receive for medical malpractice. The purpose of the cap is to prevent lawsuits from impeding a healthcare center’s ability to help patients, as well as to discourage fraudulent medical malpractice claims by limiting how much a plaintiff can win. If you… read more

What Are Tampa’s Dog Bite Laws?

Dogs really are man’s best friend, but injuries from dog bites are not uncommon. They happen in adults, but children are injured especially often, as they are less likely to think through the repercussions of approaching an unfamiliar dog. It is important to have some background knowledge if a dog injures you in any way… read more