Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Claim Denials

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a popular choice for Florida homeowners who cannot obtain insurance elsewhere. It provides general homeowners insurance and windstorm damage coverage in Florida. If you file a claim with this insurance company to pursue financial compensation for recent property losses, you may be surprised to receive a rejection letter. Find out what to do in this situation – and when to call Williams Law, P.A. for assistance.

Why Do Insurance Claims Get Rejected?

The first step in dealing with an insurance claim denial is understanding the reason behind the rejection. State law requires insurance companies to provide explanations in writing when they deny claims. Read your rejection letter carefully to understand the insurance company’s reasoning. Common excuses for claim denials are:

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is unique in that it is a nonprofit government entity that is designed to provide a low-cost insurance option for homeowners. Unfortunately, this means that it also provides limited coverage and – often – poor customer service. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation may deny your claim for any reason or no reason at all. It is important to understand your rights after receiving a claim rejection.

How to Handle a Claim Denial From Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

If Citizens Property Insurance Corporation has a valid reason to reject your claim, see what you can do to remedy the issue. If there is a liability dispute, for example, a Florida insurance claim attorney can help you gather evidence to prove that the defendant is at fault. If you are missing information, you can send it in. You can also request an internal review of your claim, which means an agent at the insurance company will determine if something was overlooked or your claim should have been accepted.

If an internal review does not change the insurance company’s decision, request an external review by calling the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at (800) 866-6205. They will assign an agent to thoroughly review the facts of your case. If they believe Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is making a mistake in rejecting your claim, it may orchestrate a resolution. If there is evidence that the insurance company is willfully or knowingly mishandling your claim to avoid paying you, it may also penalize the insurer.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith? 

Although there are many valid reasons for an insurance company to deny a claim, there are also examples of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation wrongfully rejecting claims as a form of insurance bad faith. Bad faith is an insurer’s failure to process a claim in a good-faith attempt to resolve the claimant’s legal issue. Rather than following the language of the policy and the law, an insurer acting in bad faith may take advantage of a claimant

An insurer may engage in bad-faith practices to save money and protect its profits. Even Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, which claims to be a nonprofit, may engage in wrongful claim denials for money or a variety of reasons. If you suspect insurance bad faith, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to help you file a claim against the insurance company.

Contact Our Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Claims Denial Lawyers 

If you are dealing with a property insurance claim denial from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Williams Law, P.A. can help you understand your rights and legal options. We have years of experience going up against insurance corporations on behalf of our clients to pursue maximum financial compensation. We know who to contact and what to do in the face of a claim denial, whether it is based on a valid reason or insurance bad faith. Find out how we can help you today. Schedule a free consultation by calling (800) 451-6786 or sending us a message online.