Tampa Insurance Attorney For Mold Damage Claims

A recent change in the law made it harder to collect compensation for mold damage, but the reality is that mold can have an adverse impact on the value and enjoyment of your property, or even your family’s health. If you have a serious mold problem connected to flooding, leaks or water intrusion, let Williams Law Association, P.A., explore your potential claims.

Development Of Mold After Water Damage

Our Tampa law firm handles insurance claims lawyer across west central Florida, including water damage and mold claims. Our insurance claims lawyer has helped homeowners, business owners and condominium associations win coverage for the unsightly mold growth, and sometimes structural damage or health effects.

Florida Insurance Claims For Water Damage

The Florida Legislature recently amended the statute on mold claims. Compensation for aesthetic or structural damage from mold is capped at $10,000 and the insurance company can subtract its investigation costs from that figure. Nonetheless, Williams Law Association, P.A., does pursue mold damage claims. Typically, we bring mold claims in conjunction with a claim for water damage. For example, a leaky roof or burst pipe causes a build-up of water or moisture behind a wall or in ceiling tiles, creating the conditions for mold. Once mold is established, it is nearly impossible to eradicate without radical removal and replacement of wallboard, ceilings, carpets or other affected materials.

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Attorney K.C. Williams brings more than 20 years of experience in insurance claims and litigation. He has had particular success in reopening hurricane claims for new property damage claims such as structural damage or mold development.

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