Denied Insurance Claims: Smoke Damage

Long after the fire is out, the smoke lingers. In fact, smoke damage can be as great or greater than the actual damage from flames. The sooty smell permeates fabrics, walls, carpets, everything. Insurance companies often are reluctant to pay what it takes to truly remedy smoke damage.

At Williams Law Association, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, we are familiar with fire loss claims, including companion claims for smoke damage. We represent residential and commercial property owners, as well as condominium associations, in insurance fire damage claims and coverage disputes. We are committed to getting full value under the terms of your policy for the harm to your property.

Maximizing Insurance Claims For Smoke Damage

Insurance adjusters will typically offer to pay for property that was burned, but may draw the line at smoke damage. Or they will pay only for smoke extraction, but not for replacement of smoke-damaged property.

Attorney K.C. Williams has more than 20 years of experience in insurance claims and litigation. He works closely with clients to detail all the damage and detail what is necessary to restore the property and eliminate the smoky smell:

We commonly represent homeowners, business owners, condo owners and other property owners who sustained smoke damage from a fire next door. Mr. Williams pursues all remedies under your damage policy as well as any claims against the adjacent owner.

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