Committed advocacy for condo boards and condo owners

Despite the abundance of affordable homes and the thriving rental market here in Florida, hundreds of thousands of people have elected to go an entirely different route by purchasing a condominium.

For some, this decision stems from a desire to downsize thanks to the onset of older age or changes in circumstances, while for others it stems from a desire to acquire more space or to move into a more desirable area.

Whatever the reasoning, it goes without saying that condo living presents a host of unique concerns and considerations, particularly as they relate to insurance arrangements.

In general, the insurance arrangements are typically structured in such a way that a condo complex is otherwise covered by a master policy held by the condo board or homeowners association, while individual business owners often purchase their own coverage to cover things like personal property.      

As you might imagine, problems can arise for both condo boards and condo owners when a disaster — severe storm/hurricane, fire, high winds, water intrusion — strikes, as insurance companies may elect to delay, underpay or even deny the resulting claims.

In these unfortunate scenarios, it’s important for condo boards and condo owners to know that they are not without options for securing full and fair compensation to cover their losses — costs of repair, replacement or clean-up, etc.

At Williams Law Association, P.A., we have been fighting to hold insurance companies accountable since 1995. Indeed, in cases involving condo boards or condo owners, we will conduct a thorough examination of the underlying claim, retaining experts as needed. From there, we can attempt to get the insurance company to fulfill their obligations via direct negotiations or proceed directly to court, a forum in which we have considerable experience and skill.

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