Costs related to water damage

Florida residents may be aware of what water damage can do to their property. Each year, water damage costs $11 billion, and 8 percent of all water damage to buildings results from weather. The average cost per claim is $5,000. Overall, claims related to water damage are the second-most common in the United States. It is thought that up to 93 percent of all water damage could be prevented with the use of a shut-off system.

Water damage can occur as a result of poor maintenance either on the roof or in parking lots near a commercial building. While runoff water is designed to be sent to a designated drainage area, debris, ice or other litter can cause that system to become clogged. The angle of the ground near a property can also cause unnecessary flooding or areas where standing water can become an issue.

There are ways to prevent water damage that results from weather or other issues that create standing water. One common fix is to install a sump pump on a property. This device will make sure that excess rain or other types of standing water are taken off of a property and deposited elsewhere. Gutters and other existing drainage systems may need to be cleared of ice and snow to function properly.

An individual who is hurt due to issues relating to leaking roofs or water damage to a property may wish to take legal action against the property owner. An injury victim may be able to collect compensation to pay for time missed from work as well as any medical bills incurred to treat the injury. Florida water damage attorneys may be able to represent plaintiffs either in court or during out of court negotiation sessions.