Do you know how to file a claim for hurricane damage?

For many who live in the state of Florida, certain times of the year worrying about hurricanes is a reality. The natural disasters can wreak havoc for individuals with property that is located in the storm’s path, leaving behind property damage that is expensive to remedy. Accordingly, purchasing insurance to cover hurricane damage is a reality for many.

Securing the insurance policy is the first step, but do you know what to do when your house is damaged in a hurricane?

The first thing to determine is the extent of the damage. That information should be passed along to someone at your insurance company. If possible, until hearing otherwise from your insurer, you should hold off on repairing damaged areas so that an adjuster can take a look and gather complete information regarding the damage incurred.

After a settlement proposal is received it is not uncommon for the amount suggested by the insurance company to be less than what the property owner believes it should be. There are many reasons why this might be the case and in most cases an insurance company will do whatever it can to payout the smallest amount possible.

In these situations, you can dispute the pay out. Because this is usually a complex process, at his point many find it necessary to work with a lawyer who handles insurance matters. An attorney who routinely works on cases against insurance companies is equipped with a knowledge regarding the process that the average property owner would have no reason to be familiar with.

Source: KITV, “Tips on filing insurance claims after house damaged,” Melvin Givens, Aug. 12, 2014