Drivers should practice safe habits in rainy spring weather

In the spring, rainy weather can create hazardous conditions for people living in Florida. AAA estimates that weather conditions cause around 1.2 million crashes every year throughout the country. During this time of the year, drivers have to be especially careful to try to avoid potholes, which could damage their front-end alignment and tires. When they encounter potholes, they should either drive around them or slow down and go over them, avoiding hitting their brakes hard.

At all times of the year, drivers should maintain a safe distance between themselves and the cars in front of them. During rainy days, they want to try to stay at least four seconds behind the cars in front of them. If they do skid on wet roads, drivers need to try to stay calm and steer in the direction they want to go without braking hard.

Car maintenance can be an important part of staying safe in the spring. Drivers should rotate their tires every 5,000 miles and check the tread and air level on their tires regularly. They also want to have their brakes looked at and take care of any car problems immediately so they do not become bigger issues impacting their driving.

Liability can be more difficult to show when the weather is a major factor in a car accident. At an accident scene, drivers should try to collect as much evidence as possible, taking photographs of the scene and making notes on weather conditions, and they should seek medical care if they are injured. If an injured victim believes that the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, a personal injury attorney can review the police accident investigation report and other evidence to determine the remedies that may be available for the recovery of damages that have been sustained.