Florida 2nd most dangerous state for pedestrians

The sunshine state is home to many senior citizens and attracts many tourists seeking a warm escape. With that, comes more pedestrian traffic, which carries risks for both drivers and pedestrians. Out of all the states in the nation, Florida ranks second place for most dangerous states for pedestrians, based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2014.

The data show that for every 100,000 people in Florida, there are 2.96 pedestrian fatalities. Florida had a total of 588 pedestrian fatalities in 2014. Florida also ranks high for total traffic fatalities. There were 2,494 traffic fatalities in 2014. This makes Florida the third highest state for traffic fatalities in the nation.

There are many reasons why a state can carry more risk than others to pedestrians, causing accidents and injuries. Some of these reasons are:

  • The number of people walking near roadways
  • Speed limits
  • Whether sidewalks are available and easily accessible
  • The prevalence of distracted driving
  • The prevalence of drunk driving
  • The number of aging drivers on the road, whose reflexes may not be quick enough to avoid an accident
  • The number of elderly pedestrians who may not easily see or hear approaching traffic

Insurance claims for pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents are often serious and involve severe injuries. While you are recovering from your injuries, it may be overwhelming to think about dealing with the insurance company to cover your medical expenses and wages lost from being unable to work. But it’s something that has to be done to secure your financial wellbeing.

Because insurance companies are businesses looking out for their bottom line, they will often try to minimize the amount of damages they pay out for an accident. This may seem unfair, as you feel you are entitled to the damages you deserve after this horrific accident.

If you are dealing with this, it is wise to consult with a personal injury attorney before you accept a settlement from an insurance company that may be lower than what you deserve. The insurance company may also contact you by phone for a recording of what happened in the accident, and they may use your words to give you a lower amount than you deserve. Before you agree to a recorded interview with an insurance company, contact a skilled personal injury attorney who can make sure you are treated fairly and maximize compensation.