Florida dry; fire risks high

The rest of the U.S. has been soaked this spring. Florida and Georgia are exceptions, however, say experts.

“We are buckled up for a very long and very hot wildfire season,” said the commissioner of agriculture in Florida. Wildfires often spread to homes and businesses, leaving behind damage from smoke, flames and even firefighting efforts.

Weather experts say Florida a high-pressure ridge is keeping Florida dry by pushing rain and storms away. It is ironic that the high-pressure area is the same atmospheric system that can push hurricanes into the Southeast.

No one yet knows if that possibility will become a reality, but what we do know is that Florida and Georgia are like dry kindling while the rest of the nation just went through the second soggiest April in the past 123 years, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information.

The good news nationally is that droughts have come to an end, even in California which has been tormented for years by a lack of rain.

A meteorologist with the Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Drought Monitor team says the nation likely hasn’t been this free of drought in nearly a quarter of a century.

Nearly 82 percent of Florida is abnormally dry or in drought, while 88 percent of Georgia is likewise parched.

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