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When it comes to going up against an insurance company in Florida, experience matters. You need a lawyer with years of experience and the knowledge to understand how insurance companies work. At Williams Law, P.A., our founding attorney has been assisting Florida residents with insurance disputes since 1995. We can help you demand justice and fair financial compensation for your insurance claim, no matter what it takes.

We Are Experienced Insurance Dispute Attorneys in Florida

Why Might an Insurance Company Dispute a Claim?

You may assume that since you paid for your insurance and kept up with the premiums, your insurance company will take your side and want to help you if you need to file a claim. Unfortunately, many insurance companies let their clients down when they need them the most. Insurance companies are often fast to deny your insurance claim in Florida. As for-profit organizations, insurance companies care more about their bottom lines than their clients. They may give many reasons for denying or disputing a claim, such as:

You may run into an insurance dispute during a homeowners, business, hurricane, flood, fire, automobile or another type of claim in Florida. In these situations, hiring an attorney can help you stand up for your rights and negotiate for fair financial compensation. An attorney will know how to get the results that you deserve using proven legal tactics, even if the insurance company is treating your claim in bad faith.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith in Florida?

Insurance companies have a legal responsibility to handle claims in good faith. This means in an honest attempt to resolve legal disputes according to the terms of the policy and the language of the law. Unfortunately, many insurance companies use dishonest and even illegal tactics to try to diminish the amount that they have to pay clients. This is known as insurance bad faith, and it may be used against you to protect the insurance company’s profitability.

Common examples of insurance bad faith in Florida are failing to adequately investigate a claim, delaying a payout, rejecting a valid claim and refusing to offer fair compensation. If you have reason to believe that your insurance company is treating your case in bad faith, contact an attorney from Williams Law, P.A. for assistance. Our insurance dispute lawyers can help you understand your rights. You may be entitled to additional financial compensation to penalize the insurer for mishandling your claim.

Do You Need to Hire an Attorney?

An insurance bad faith lawyer in Florida can help you explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit against an insurance provider for mistreating your claim. The insurer may owe you benefits for your original claim, as well as additional restitution in penalties and interest for bad faith. A lawyer can help you argue for maximum compensation using proven strategies that are tailored to your unique needs. No matter what type of insurance claim you are filing or the losses you suffered, an experienced insurance dispute lawyer can help you with the recovery process.

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Standing up to an insurance company during a dispute can be daunting – especially if you have suffered a significant property loss or serious personal injury. With an attorney by your side, however, you can defend your rights and fight for fair case results. Please contact Williams Law, P.A. to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our Florida insurance dispute lawyers for more information. We are committed and compassionate lawyers who can help you resolve even the most complicated insurance dispute. Call (800) 451-6786 today.