Florida sinkhole claims yard

Even though a massive sinkhole has engulfed their lawn, a Florida family will likely not be able to recover compensation from their insurance company.

The sinkhole appeared on Monday morning and spread to nearly 10 feet deep and 60 feet wide. Yet, geologists believe that the sinkhole will not continue to grow and the family’s home is safe “for now.”

“The state of Florida is like a big piece of Swiss cheese, just a matter of waiting for the holes to collapse,” the homeowner said. They will have to wait for the sinkhole to completely settle before they decide what to do with the yard. Restoration could cost the family nearly $30,000. Without sinkhole insurance, and because there will likely be no damage to the home, the family will probably have to pay that amount out-of-pocket.

Sinkhole damage claims

Because of the chance that sinkholes will occur, Florida law requires all property insurance companies to cover sinkhole damage to homes. Yet, the law only covers structural damage, such as damage to the home itself, not to the land.

The family is fortunate that the sinkhole did not damage their home. Yet, in Florida, sinkhole activity under houses or businesses is more common than many may think. Cracks in foundation and flooring can be indicative of a potential sinkhole. Other signs of sinkhole damage include doors that fail to open or close, slanting trees, dipping floors and expanding depressions in yards.

If you believe your home is facing sinkhole damage, you may be able to recover compensation from your insurance company. Unfortunately, like with any insurance claim, insurance companies like to low-ball settlements and even deny claims for sinkhole damages. An attorney experienced in Florida sinkhole damage claims can help ensure that you recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to for your damaged property.

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