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Florida is a common location for sinkholes. The bedrock of Florida is made up of limestone, which is easily dissolved by groundwater. This can result in areas of the ground dissolving right from underneath homes and businesses. If your property suffered sinkhole damage, your homeowners or commercial insurance company should pay for repairs. You may need assistance from an insurance claim lawyer in Florida at Williams Law, P.A., however, to get an insurer to offer a fair amount.

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Florida Sinkholes Can Be Catastrophic

If enough erosion occurs to the soluble limestone bedrock beneath your home or business, it can create an empty space that will collapse under its own weight, resulting in a sinkhole. Sinkholes can be a property owner’s worst nightmare. They can cause catastrophic damage to buildings and surrounding properties. Even a minor shift in the earth around a property can alter a home’s foundation and require expensive repairs. Common examples of sinkhole damage in Florida are:

If it is unclear whether or not the damage to your property was caused by a sinkhole, you may need to bring in a professional evaluator. Contact your insurance company immediately so that the insurer can send an engineer to conduct an inspection. If it is determined that sinkhole activity caused the structural damage, you can proceed with an insurance claim to collect financial compensation for the necessary repairs.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sinkholes in Florida?

Estimates over the last 15 years state that sinkholes cost an average of $300 million worth of damage per year. This is a modest estimate, meaning it is most likely much lower than the actual cost. If you suffer sinkhole damage, your Florida homeowners insurance policy should cover the price of repairs or a rebuild. Since this is a foreseeable natural disaster in Florida, most statewide insurance policies list them as covered events. You may need to review the language of your policy, however, to make sure you have coverage.

How to Maximize Your Sinkhole Insurance Claim

When filing an insurance claim for sinkhole damage, cover your bases by capturing images and videos of the damage before making any repairs. You may need to submit evidence to support your losses before your insurer will offer fair financial compensation. Unfortunately, many insurance companies intentionally mishandle sinkhole claims to save themselves money. 

You may find that your insurer is making it more difficult than necessary to receive fair benefits, such as by undervaluing the extent of your losses, offering an inadequate settlement, delaying the processing of your claim or rejecting a valid claim. The best way to combat these tactics is by hiring an experienced sinkhole damage attorney in Florida to represent your case.

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