What If My Insurance Company Tries To Force Unwanted Repairs?

At a certain point, it is no longer financially viable to fix a car. This often comes up after an accident where, for example, an insurance company considers a $2,000 vehicle to be a total loss after suffering more than $2,000 worth of damage. When sinkhole activity causes severe damage to a home or commercial property, the same concept should apply, but often doesn’t as insurance companies attempt to force unwanted repairs on property owners.

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The Insurance Company Is Only Concerned With Their Costs

While the insurance company should be focused with providing you with the coverage you have been paying your premiums for, and striving for an outcome that is in your interest, they really only care about their own bottom line. It is much cheaper to pay for repairs than to admit the property is a loss and provide a full settlement.

However, in many cases, it makes no sense to conduct repairs, as a property has been damaged beyond repair or will cost more money to fix than it is worth. Our firm will focus on your rights and advocate for a solution that makes sense for you.

Are You Getting The Full Benefits Of Your Insurance Coverage?

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