Get full coverage for long-term injury costs


Auto collision insurance is meant to cover our costs for medical bills and property damage resulting from auto accidents. According to an article in Forbes, the odds suggest that you will be in three or four accidents in your lifetime.

Although some of these accidents could be minor parking lot accidents, there is a chance that you could be in a catastrophic accident. When that happens, how can you be sure to get the maximum compensation available to you, especially when it comes to long-term injuries that could last for years or even the rest of your life?


There are three primary steps you can take to make sure you receive maximum coverage for long-term injuries:

  1. Do not accept the insurance agent’s offer: In most cases, insurance companies make offers to accident victims that are far short of the full cost of long-term care. Do not accept an insurance settlement offer without talking with a lawyer first.
  2. Get multiple medical opinions: Medical records are usually needed for insurance or disability claims, and the more proof you have, the more difficult it will be for the insurance company to deny your claim.
  3. Work with long-term care experts: This is crucial. The insurance company will not pay the full extent of your long-term costs without some proof of these costs, so it’s crucial to work with experts who can accurately estimate the medical and other costs for your long-term care.

Your long-term expenses can include ongoing doctor visits, repeated surgeries and other procedures, pain-killers and other medication, therapy costs for emotional distress, adaptive technology and many other costs.

Getting the full measure of coverage for all of these long-term expenses can be challenging. Avoiding the insurance company’s initial offer, getting multiple medical opinions and working with long-term medical care experts will give you the best chance of getting the compensation you need.