Getting ready for storms

We are still a few months away from hurricane season, but it is never too early to begin preparations. After all, storms don’t follow the calendar. And heavy rains, roof damage, flooding and more can hit Tampa homes hard at any time of year.

A Florida TV station recently shared some advice about hurricane preparedness, as well as tips about flooding and severe weather awareness.

The article notes that in addition to hurricanes, tropical storms can wreak havoc with widespread property damage, injuries and even deaths.

Powerful storms have a number of weapons at their disposal, including heavy rains, wind, lightning, flooding and high surf. It is said that 90 percent of storm-related deaths involve drowning and that many fatalities occur after the storm has passed.

These tragedies can be due to carbon monoxide poisoning, unsafe clean-up and repair activities and motor vehicle crashes.

The station urges people to have a plan ready before a hurricane hits. Find out about evacuation zones and federal flood zones.

A good plan also includes preparation of a hurricane kit that includes water, nonperishable food items, batteries, a first aid kit and flashlights. Prepare your home, too: secure any loose gutters or attachments to your house and trim your trees. Also secure the doors, windows and garage door.

Of course, no matter how well prepared you might be, your house can still sustain extensive and costly property damage. Even worse, your insurance company might well deny your claim.

Here in Tampa, you can discuss a bad faith insurance claim with an experienced attorney at Williams Law Association, P.A.