Hail’s bells sound in Florida storm

A few hours north of Tampa, residents of Tallahassee were relieved to have been spared the major damage a storm featuring straight-line winds did to communities stretching from Texas to the Carolinas.

However, the city didn’t escape unscathed, as heavy flooding followed the four inches of rain that fell on the area. Hail also pummeled the area — including quarter-sized pellets — early this week.

Tallahassee residents had also been under a tornado watch, but it apparently passed without twisters touching down in the area.

A National Weather Service meteorologist said the community had been spared “anything as strong” as what tore through Louisiana.

West of the city, the storms killed five people, and did heavy property damage in a number of towns as tornadoes were reported in Texas and Louisiana over two days.

Two of the dead were in Mississippi where flooding and high winds lay waste to communities and another person died in South Carolina when winds flipped a mobile home. Two people were killed in Louisiana when an F1 tornado demolished a mobile home.

As we know, large-sized hail can cause extensive damage to cars, homes and businesses. It goes without saying that high winds and flooding wreak havoc as well.

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