Help When Floods And Water Damage Your Property

Water can invade your home or business in many ways. Water damage may occur from malfunctioning appliances, broken pipes, storms and hurricanes, and sometimes floods, and they may be included or excluded under several insurance policies.

When individuals and businesses have flood insurance claims, the Florida flood damage lawyers at Williams Law Association, P.A., help navigate the insurance system and determine which, if any, insurance policy may provide you with benefits. Firm founder K.C. Williams has more than 20 years of experience representing individuals and businesses with insurance claims relating to water damage and other damages in the Tampa, Florida, region.

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Flood Damage Or Water Damage?

On the surface, flood insurance and water damage claims may seem straightforward. Most general insurance policies do not provide coverage against floods. For flood coverage, policyholders must usually purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

Experienced insurance claim attorneys know that in reality, property loss caused by water may be covered by a general insurance policy even if the cause initially appears to be flood-related. Water damage from storms and hurricanes, for example, are often covered by standard homeowners’ policies.

Our law firm understands how to determine whether water damage is flood damage or another type of damage, and how to determine whether one or more insurance policies are responsible for paying benefits on a claim.

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