Protecting Your Rights For Denied Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water can enter your house in many ways. Wind can drive rain into gaps in your roof. Plumbing may back up, water heaters and washing machines malfunction and pipes may burst. In many cases, your insurance company will be required to compensate you for the damages that result — regardless of how they occurred. When your carrier refuses or offers you an unreasonable settlement for water damage claims, the lawyers at Williams Law Association, P.A., can help.

We are aggressive, experienced water damage claims lawyers who protect the rights of individuals and businesses in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas against the tactics that insurance carriers use to refuse valid claims. Firm founder K.C. Williams has focused on insurance claims since 1995 and has developed a reputation as an attorney who is unafraid to take a matter to trial if an insurance company refuses to fairly settle.

Comprehensive Representation For Denied Insurance Claims

We can help you with nearly all kinds of water damage claims:

Water damage can be expensive to repair, and insurance companies will look for reasons to deny your claim. They may claim that the water damage is actually flood damage, which is not covered by a standard homeowner’s policy, or use other tactics to limit the compensation to which you are entitled.

When Williams Law Association, P.A., represents you, we will assess your insurance policy to determine whether you have a claim for damages. We will carefully track the damages, which could include water extraction and drying, ruined drywall, carpeting, electronics and furnishings, and structural damage. When necessary, we will use expert assessments to provide accurate estimates of damage and the full cost of repair.

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