How does fire fit in with insurance claims?

On our Florida insurance blog, we have often blogged about insurance issues as they relate to storms and flooding. Florida hurricanes are not uncommon and result in property damage every year. We have also discussed sinkholes on several occasions. 

Recent weather-related news in Florida requires that we discuss a different weather event: wildfire. People tend to associate wildfire and the significant damage fires cause with California. Florida, however, has seen an uptick in wildfires this year.

The Insurance Journal says that 126,000 of acres in the state have been destroyed by wildfires this year already. Dry weather tends to be the risk-factor behind the fires. While the drier weather in Florida is generally behind us, sources warn that the storm season coming presents another risk factor: lightning. 

If you live in a dry area in Florida and/or a city that’s seen wildfires, you will want to consider whether insurance coverage might protect your interests. According to Allstate, whether homeowners insurance covers wildfire damage depends on the specific provider as well as a homeowner’s location. 

If you choose to live in an area where wildfires are common and have historically caused damage, insurance providers are less likely to cover that weather-related damage. This is just a warning, and not a given reality. Find out for sure whether wildfire damage is covered and act accordingly given that information. 

If you know your policy should cover the damage and associated costs caused by a fire but you are facing push back from your insurance company, work with an attorney who will help defend your rights. The stress associated with fire and other weather-related damage can be mitigated with legal help.