Hurricane Hermine officially ends hurricane drought

To Florida residents, the 11-year hurricane drought might have seemed sweet but too short. No matter, because after Hurricane Hermine, the drought of named hurricanes is over.

In the aftermath of the storm, insurance industry is apparently relieved, according to a report in the Insurance Journal. “It could have been a lot worse” for insurers after the Category 1 hit the Panhandle and created substantial storm surge in the Tampa Bay area.

The insurance publication notes that though Hermine weakened and was lowered to tropical storm designation, it was still powerful enough to cause power outages and significant damage.

The head of a catastrophe risk management company said Hermine “was a very typical CAT 1 hurricane.” Much of the damage was caused by trees falling on homes and businesses. Wind speeds were not high enough to cause structural damage, she said.

She estimates that insured losses could hit $500 million, with an additional $1 billion in economic damages.

Hundreds of Tampa Bay area residents were impacted by storm surge. Nearly 600 claims had been filed statewide at the time the article was written, with most of those in our region. An insurer spokesperson said they were still trying to determine if most damage was flood-related or caused by water driven by the wind.

Officials noted that hurricane season isn’t finished and that no one knows what the next storm might bring.

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