Hurricane Matthew reportedly headed away from Florida

It’s early Monday afternoon and Tampa news stations and others are reporting that Hurricane Matthew is headed east, away from Florida. Categorized now as a “strong Category 4 storm,” with winds up to 145 mph, it is currently headed for Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Current predictions say the east coast of the state could have a brush with the storm, which could result in damage caused to homes and businesses by flooding and strong winds

A meteorologist with the National Weather Center said the hurricane’s path “path is forecast to be off the coast.” As we all know, storms large and small can shift on a moment’s notice and wreak havoc on affected areas.

The meteorologist said as much as when he added that there remains “a good deal of uncertainty” about Matthew’s exact path.

Naturally, we are relieved to hear Florida residents might be spared the storm’s potential wrath, but have concern that those still in its path have many significant challenges ahead of them.

An Orlando weather forecaster said it appears more and more likely that Cuba and Haiti will be hit hard by Matthew.

Regardless of predictions, the governor has urged state residents to prepare. He said no one should take Matthew possibilities lightly.

As we know well, storm damage can be extensive and costly. Some insurers will deny even legitimate insurance claims in the wake of a powerful storm.

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