Homeowners Pay for Neglecting Flood Coverage

Homeowners want to be prepared for anything that threatens their home – such as fires, burglaries and earthquakes – and get the insurance coverage they need in case of these emergencies. But, oftentimes, flood coverage is not something that homeowners consider – until it is too late.

“Nothing sells flood insurance like a flood,” Robert Hartwig of the Insurance Information Institute told the Associated Press. “It’s always the case that we see a surge in flood insurance sales in the wake of a flood.”

Hurricane Irene is recent reminder of the importance of getting flood coverage for your home. Although Florida was spared from the lion’s share of the damage of that natural disaster, many people in inland areas, such as Vermont, were hit the hardest – and these are the areas where homeowners are least likely to have flood insurance for their properties. As a result, property owners were left with damages that they will have to cover themselves.

Flood Insurance Claims

Even if you do have flood coverage on your home, it can be difficult navigating your way through the process of filing a homeowners insurance claim. In order to make your claim more successful, you should remember the following: