Panel’s Hurricane Discussion is a Helpful Reminder for Tampa Homeowners

Recently, group of weather experts assembled at the University of South Florida in Tampa to discuss various weather related topics. According to a written statement, the panel – which included four local television meteorologists – focused their discussion on current weather, climate and hurricanes.

Interestingly enough, the panel’s attention to hurricane season is a valuable reminder for Tampa area residents to prepare for this year’s upcoming hurricane season. Specifically, it should serve as a reminder for homeowners to not only ensure they have adequate safety plans in place for when tragedy strikes but also to ensure they have sufficient insurance to cover any damage the hurricane may leave in its wake.

Florida Hurricane Insurance

Florida homeowners have been fortunate in recent years when it comes to hurricane damage. In fact, it has been some time since the last major hurricane caused severe destruction in Florida. Regrettably however, it is only a matter of time until the next large storm hits the shores of the Sunshine State.

When a hurricane does hit, Florida homeowners need to make sure they have adequate insurance to rebuild following the driving rains and strong winds. First of all, damage caused by flooding is generally not covered by most basic homeowner’s insurance policies – meaning a homeowner should obtain this extra coverage if they live in a coastal zone and they fear flooding during a hurricane.

In addition, homeowner’s insurance may or may not include coverage for wind damage. Here in Florida, homeowners can often get wind insurance coverage through Citizens Insurance.

Right now is the time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to verify you have sufficient coverage – after all, it will be too late if you wait until after the big storm actually hits. If you have questions about your coverage or believe your insurance company is acting in bad faith, consider consulting with a Florida hurricane damage lawyer.

Dealing with Insurance Providers

Unfortunately, even if a homeowner is diligent and obtains adequate insurance they can still encounter precarious situations; however, these situations often revolve around dealing with insurance providers.

Insurance companies will often deny an insurance claim if they have any basis to do so. Accordingly, if you have suffered a loss as a result of storm damage and your insurance provider is not offering what you believe you are entitled to under your policy, it may be advisable to speak with a Tampa homeowner insurance lawyer. A knowledgeable insurance claim attorney in Tampa can help protect your rights under your policy and ensure you are treated fairly given your circumstances. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our top-rated team.