Sinkhole opens up in Florida front yard

A Florida family experienced quite a surprise one recent Monday morning: a large gaping sinkhole in their front yard.

Although the homeowner claims the sinkhole was only 25 feet wide when first noticed, it enlarged to nearly 60 feet wide and ten feet deep before engineers believed it was done growing. It should come as some relief that it is believed that the roots of nearby trees were the only thing that stopped the sinkhole from swallowing up the whole sidewalk.

Unfortunately however, the Daily Mail reports that the Florida homeowner has no sinkhole insurance, meaning they will be on the hook for the $30,000 bill if they wish to restore their lawn back to its previous condition.

Florida sinkhole insurance

If anything, this recent sinkhole catastrophe merely illustrates the importance of obtaining sinkhole insurance coverage, especially in Florida where sinkholes can be quite common. But, even those homeowners with sinkhole coverage have their own headaches to bear – which are often due to dealing with their insurance company.

For instance, homeowners wishing to file an insurance claim for damage caused to their home by a sinkhole will often dispute with their insurance company about whether the “structural damage” to their home is merely cosmetic or not.

There is incentive for damages to be simply cosmetic in nature for insurers since it makes it easier for them to deny a sinkhole claim; or at the very least it allows them to attempt to settle the claim more cheaply and elect the least expensive repair alternative.

Because of this, Florida homeowners with sinkhole coverage need to be aware of all signs of sinkhole damage as this knowledge may help homeowners ensure they get the appropriate settlement for all insurance claims that are be related to sinkholes – after all, not all signs of sinkhole damage are as obvious as one may think. Some signs of possible sinkhole damage include:

If you are a homeowner with sinkhole insurance whose property has suffered damage as a result of a sinkhole, an experienced sinkhole damage attorney can help ensure your rights are protected and that you get the settlement you are entitled to.