Florida Civil Remedy Statute

Insurance litigation is different from other types of lawsuits. To resolve a dispute with your insurer, you must follow a specific and complex legal process detailed in the Florida Civil Remedy Statute. The statute outlines the obligations and standards that insurers have in dealing with you and your options for legal action when insurance companies fail to live up to those obligations.

The lawyers at Williams Law, P.A., are intimately familiar with the Florida Civil Remedy Statute. Understanding the statute is an integral part of our role — we focus almost exclusively on holding insurance companies accountable for individuals and businesses in the Tampa region. Our firm founder, K.C. Williams, began focusing on insurance law more than 20 years ago.

Damages Under The Florida Civil Remedy Statute

Under the statute, policyholders may seek compensation for damages if their insurers:

If your insurer has failed to deal fairly with you, our law firm can help. We will thoroughly review your policy, your claim and the laws applicable to your case. When applicable, we will file and vigorously pursue remedies for you under the statute, including bad faith insurance claims.

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