Reopening A Hurricane Claim in Tampa

As far as the insurance company is concerned, once a claim is paid the file is closed. Under the law, insurance claims are open-ended. If there is more damage stemming from the original event, the insured party can bring additional claims. As perhaps you have learned, insurers vehemently object to these claims.

Williams Law, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, has extensive experience in reopening insurance claims and other property damage claims. We have represented homeowners, businesses, condominium associations and other property owners in pursuit of new damages under “old” claims.

Reopening An Insurance Claim For Newly Discovered Damages

In a common scenario, the insurance company’s adjuster pays $5,000 to fix a roof damaged by gale force winds. After the claim is “closed,” the homeowner discovers damage in an exterior wall. An investigation reveals that soffits and siding were also compromised by the hurricane. The insurance company balks, saying that the claim is closed or that the original roof settlement covered the newly discovered damage.

These cases often hinge on proving that the new claim is related to the hurricane or other event that transpired months or years earlier. Williams Law, P.A., can bring in the necessary experts to establish the causal relationship.

Even if you think you signed away your rights, it may be possible to reopen your hurricane damage claim. Attorney K.C. Williams has been fighting insurance companies for over 20 years, and he has secured compensation in a number of hurricane property damage cases after prior payouts. He can determine if your claim is truly settled and closed, or whether you have grounds to bring new claims for losses.

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