Insurance companies may cover roof damage in Florida

If a property owner’s roof is damaged or destroyed due to wind, the cost of replacing the roof may be covered in a homeowners insurance policy. In most cases, the insurance company has the option to either replace or repair the roof depending on which option costs less. When making a decision, insurance companies are not obligated to take cosmetic needs into consideration.

However, homeowners insurance companies may compromise with customers to strike a balance that meets the needs of both sides. In the event that a portion of a roof is damaged and needs to be replaced, only that portion of the work may be covered by insurance. If a homeowner decides to have the rest of the roof replaced, he or she will have to pay for the work.

A homeowner may decide to replace the entire roof if it has reached the end of its 20- to 30-year useful life. As long as the policy is endorsed for Replacement Cost loss settlement, the work will be covered in full regardless of how old the roof is. This means that there is no depreciation or other factors that come into play when deciding how much of the repair or replacement work will be covered.

If a homeowner experiences roof damage due to falling trees or other flying debris and the insurance company does not pay for repairs that are contractually obligated, it may be possible to take legal action against the company. If the roof damage results in personal injury, claims against the insurance company might become more complex. An attorney may be able to help the homeowner correctly file the necessary paperwork and defend the homeowner’s interests in court if needed.

Source: American insurance, “The wind blew off part of my roof ~ will my Homeowners policy cover it?“, January 07, 2015