Between 1851 and 2015, Florida endured 114 hurricanes, including 37 major hurricanes. These powerful storms rip roofs off homes, send massive waves onto the coastline, and hurl blunt objects through the air with enough force to penetrate a telephone pole. Hurricane property damage is the price we pay for countless days of sunny, summery weather.

At Williams Law, P.A., our Florida hurricane damage lawyers understand the difficulties of securing fair insurance coverage after a severe tropical storm or hurricane. Insurance companies constantly search for reasons to deny, delay, and lower their claims payouts. In the meantime, homeowners must move in with family members or stay in a hotel as they try to rebuild their lives. If you’re struggling to receive fair coverage for hurricane property damage, we will use every resource to protect your interests. You paid the premiums – you deserve a proper payout.

Insurance Coverage and Hurricane Damage in Florida

Homeowner’s insurance coverage varies widely. Most policies cover general storm damage from wind, hail, and lightning. Flood insurance is usually separate. Depending on the insurer, a standard policy may exclude hurricane-related wind damage or offer coverage for an individual more expensive deductible.

Suppose you live in an area prone to hurricane damage (i.e., anywhere around St. Petersburg). In that case, we encourage you to look carefully at your insurance coverage to determine what is and is not covered. Insurance policies do not always offer straightforward terms, especially regarding the nuances of storm damage.

Hurricane Damage Loss Recovery Lawyer

The majority of our work focuses on loss recovery after a hurricane. When insurers fail to honor the terms of a homeowner’s, storm, or flood policy, we’re here to ensure you receive total compensation. Come to us before or during the claims process to receive personalized support during your claim.

As your hurricane damage representatives, our office will:

  • Independently investigate the extent of storm damage to confirm a fair insurance investigation.
  • Negotiate with insurers on your behalf to eliminate misunderstandings and encourage fair insurance adjustment practices.
  • Resolve policy disputes, including bad faith claims arising from the hurricane damage claims process.

After a devastating hurricane, you may rely on your insurance company to compensate for your cost of living during cleanup efforts, professional water remediation and cleanup work, building materials, and repairs. Your insurer can complicate the situation at every step of the process with delays and coverage denials. Protect yourself from potential insurance issues and disputes with a legal representative from our Florida hurricane damage lawyers you can trust.

Steps to Take After a Hurricane

After a hurricane, property owners can take steps to protect their rights to insurance policy benefits:

Document the Damage

Take pictures and video of your property immediately after the storm. Captures as many details as possible to reference during the claims process.

Talk with an Attorney

Contact a Tampa insurance claim attorney to discuss your situation and best practices for initiating a hurricane damage claim. With an attorney’s support, you will know how to approach the claim to encourage full and expedient recovery.

Record Everything

Keep records of receipts, email exchanges with your insurer, repair contracts, and other details of the recovery process. Evidence of your expenditures actions after the storm can support your claim and reduce the likelihood of a denial or delay notice.

Pay Close Attention to Your Policy

Insurers will look for any reason to lower their total payment liability. Follow all the contract terms and maintain premium payment records to prove you deserve fair compensation.

Has Your Home Insurance Company Denied Or Undervalued Your Property Damage Claim In Florida?

If your insurance company is dragging its feet regarding your property damage claim, you should speak with an experienced insurance claim lawyer as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Florida law office at 800.451.6786 to schedule your free consultation. We help Florida residents like you fight the big insurance companies who fail to abide by their policies. Remember, we work on a contingent basis, meaning you don't pay us anything until we win your case.