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The Tampa personal injury attorneys at Williams Law, P.A. have more than 20 years of experience helping victims of accidents get the compensation they deserve. Our team, located conveniently in downtown Tampa, has resolved hundreds of personal injury cases against large insurance companies throughout Florida. Here at Williams Law, P.A. we take a personalized approach to your case – we provide the support and experience of a large firm, while maintaining a personal relationship of a small firm. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Williams Law, P.A. to see how our law firm can help you! We offer a free initial case consultation to see if you have a case and how we can help you maximize your compensation.

Reasons to Hire a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney at Williams Law, P.A.

Williams Law, P.A. dedicates time and resources to helping personal injury accident victims in Tampa and the surrounding areas. Retaining one of our attorneys can make a substantial difference in your future. With an attorney, you won’t find yourself struggling to get a fair settlement from your insurance company or facing hefty medical bills without a way to pay them. Our attorneys can stand up for your rights, seek justice for the negligence of others, and recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

How Can a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

After suffering an injury or illness – whether it be from a car accident, truck wreck, or medical malpractice – your first priority should be recovery and handling your medical concerns. Once you are able, reach out to a personal injury attorney to discuss whether you have just cause to file a lawsuit against the person or entity who caused your accident. People who attempt to handle their own civil actions often find the stress of handling medical issues and legal entanglements is too much at once, and an attorney can make a tremendous difference.

A Tampa personal injury attorney will help an injured client gather the necessary evidence for a personal injury claim. Personal injury law revolves around the concept of negligence, which means an injured plaintiff and his or her attorney must prove the defendant in the case had a duty to the plaintiff to act with reasonable care, breached this duty in some way, and caused actual harm to the plaintiff. It’s important to note that a plaintiff can only sue if he or she suffered measurable losses or injuries.

The injury attorney will need to prove the defendant’s negligent actions “more likely than not” caused the plaintiff’s damages. This can be one of the most complicated parts of a personal injury claim, for several reasons. Some plaintiffs may have injuries or illnesses that are unrelated to a defendant’s actions, and the defendant’s attorney may attempt to shift responsibility for the plaintiff’s damages to some other issue. The plaintiff’s attorney will likely enlist the services of experts who will testify on the plaintiff’s behalf. Most expert witnesses in personal injury cases are medical professionals who provide the court with an understandable interpretation of the plaintiff’s experiences and medical issues resulting from an incident.

What Can I Recover In My Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence – whether it be from a car accident, negligent doctor, or some other accident – you could be entitled to compensation. Most people don’t know that compensation can be for things other than medical and hospital bills. In Florida, personal injury victims can receive compensation for events including:

If you were injured in Hillsborough county, a Tampa personal injury lawyer can assist you with getting the compensation you need and deserve to make a full and lasting recovery.

Over $100 Million Recovered for Our Injury Clients in Florida

Although our main office is in Tampa, the injury attorneys at Williams Law, P.A. represent clients throughout the State of Florida and are dedicated to assisting injury victims to maximize their compensation from insurance companies.

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For over 20 years, Williams Law, P.A. has handled a variety of serious and fatal personal injury lawsuits, and has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.  Our lead attorney, K.C. Williams III, Esquire, is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Florida Bar, and has been consistently elected a Super Lawyer by his peers.

Is There a Time Limit on Filing a Personal Injury Case in Florida?

Your injuries are personal to you, but they are legal matters in the eyes of the Florida civil court system. This can work to your advantage after an accident. The courts say you have the right to pursue financial recovery after sustaining personal injuries if someone else’s negligence or intent to harm caused them. To give your case its best chance of succeeding, you must obey the various state laws regarding personal injury claims. Some of the most important laws are as follows:

A conversation with one of the Tampa injury attorneys at Williams Law, P.A., can help you understand Florida’s personal injury laws and use them to your advantage. Each case is unique. Retaining an attorney will give you a one-on-one consultation with a lawyer experienced in personal injury claims in Tampa Bay. You’ll receive personalized legal counsel and an in-depth look at the specific laws pertaining to your claim.

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Facts About Personal Injury Accidents in Tampa Bay

At Williams Law, P.A. our personal injury lawyers have helped hundreds of Tampa Bay residents fight for fair compensation after personal injury accidents. Our Tampa injury attorneys take each and every case very seriously, working closely with accident victims to help them achieve their unique goals for the claim. We use our knowledge of personal injury cases to maximize the outcome of the claims we file on behalf of our clients. Learning about PI accidents in Tampa can help you understand where you stand as a recent victim. Here are a few intriguing statistics:

Overall, unintentional injuries are the third-leading cause of death in Hillsborough County, Florida, behind heart disease and cancer. In 2015, unintentional injuries took the lives of 641 Hillsborough County residents. Leading causes of accident-related deaths in the county are motor vehicle crashes, falls, and unintentional poisoning. If you or a loved one has become an accident injury statistic, you need an attorney to stand by your side during litigation.

We Understand Florida Insurance Claims

If you were seriously injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Often, this compensation will come from the at-fault party’s insurance carrier.

Our attorneys have significant experience dealing with insurance companies on behalf of people who have suffered serious injuries. When an at-fault party’s carrier — or your own carrier — refuses to deal fairly with you in the aftermath of an accident or serious injury, you can rely on our law firm to protect your interests.


Pay Nothing Unless We Recover Compensation

When you call Williams Law, P.A. we will help you set up a free consultation with an attorney. Your personal injury attorney will help you assess the merits of your case and give you an honest appraisal of whether you may be entitled to compensation and how much compensation your claim may be worth. You are under no obligation from that consultation and do not owe the attorney anything for the review.

Should you put our firm to work for you, you still owe no money up front. The pursuit of justice for your injuries should not add to the financial strain you may already be experiencing due to your accident. In fact, you will never owe your attorney anything unless we are able to recover a settlement or get a judgment in your favor.

At that time, you will owe your attorney a percentage of the compensation you receive. That percentage is the amount you and the attorney agree on before your case begins. Our firm will always be transparent with you about the fee involved so that you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much you are entitled to receive.

We Take the Time to Treat You and Your Case Right

At Williams Law, P.A., you will never be encouraged to accept a quick settlement that may not fully compensate your injuries. Where other law firms seem content to accept a low settlement offer that requires little work and move on to the next case, our attorneys believe you deserve all the compensation you are entitled to.

Our injury attorneys prepare from day one to take your case all the way to trial if that is what is required to get you fair compensation. Our law firm has gained a reputation with insurance companies that we will not allow our clients to be taken advantage of.

You benefit from our determination to seek fair compensation in a number of ways. First, our clients receive more compensation due to our dogged determination in negotiations with insurance companies and corporate attorneys. We refuse to compromise with a settlement that does not adequately address the injuries you have sustained.

Second, you benefit from our trial experience. Because we are prepared to take every case to trial, we have more courtroom experience than many personal injury attorneys. You can rest assured your attorney will know how to try your case should it be necessary to take your case to trial. Because our attorneys prepare from the beginning to go to trial, we are better prepared when we step into the courtroom.We know that for you, this case is the most important case there is. We seek to treat each client that walks through our doors with the respect and consideration they deserve.

Talk to a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

Our personal injury attorneys limit the number of cases they take. More clients might mean more money in the short term but accepting fewer clients allows us to devote the personal attention needed to aggressively pursue compensation.

As a result, with Williams Law, P.A., you will never be left in the dark as to what is going on with your case. Our attorneys and staff take the time to ensure that you stay informed every step of the way. When you have a question about your case, we are available to take your call and answer your questions. Our attorneys will fully explain the process to you and ensure your questions are always answered to your satisfaction. With our attorneys you will always be part of the team, never just another client.

After you suffer any type of personal injury, contact our firm. We offer free, no-obligation consultations with the purpose of getting to the bottom of what may have caused your accident, and whether or not you have grounds for a civil claim. You can learn your rights and potential options moving forward after a conversation with one of our attorneys. Speak with a lawyer who cares about your recovery. Call (800) 451-6786 to get in touch with our Tampa Bay team of attorneys.

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