Sinkhole appears in Tennessee yard, insurance won’t cover damage

We have written quite a bit in this blog about how important it is for homeowners–especially those in the Tampa area–to ensure that they have appropriate sinkhole coverage under their homeowner’s insurance policies. Many Florida homeowners may not even be aware that homeowner’s insurance in the state no longer automatically includes full sinkhole damage coverage. In order to have complete sinkhole coverage, Florida homeowners need to add a rider to their policies.

The same is true in Tennessee, where sinkholes are fairly common and insurance companies offer sinkhole coverage as an option but not a requirement. One homeowner in Louisville, Tennessee, recently found a very large sinkhole right in her yard, and her insurance company has told her it will not cover the damages, according to a news report.

The sinkhole surfaced after heavy rainfall caused a number of trees to uproot throughout East Tennessee. A tree fell onto this woman’s home, revealing a significant sinkhole.

As of July 8, the sinkhole was apparently about 25 feet wide by 20 feet deep.

The family has been forced to sleep on one side of the home, in order to stay away from the tree and the sinkhole, according to the news report.

It is not clear whether this family does not have sinkhole coverage, or whether they do have the coverage but their insurance company is denying the claim for one reason or another.

In some cases, insurance companies deny claims even when people do have sufficient coverage for sinkhole activity. This is sometimes because the insurance company needs to see proof of damage to the home itself before honoring a claim. In such cases, homeowners may benefit from working with a sinkhole attorney to document the damage and fight for their right to compensation.

Source:, “Sinkhole opens in Blount County yard,” Josh Ault, July 8, 2013