Filing A Sinkhole Claim With Your Insurance Company

With offices in Tampa, Brandon and New Port Richey, Florida, sinkhole claims lawyer K.C. Williams has more than 20 years of experience representing homeowners and business owners throughout Florida file sinkhole claims.

At Williams Law Association, P.A., we perform a thorough analysis to determine whether sinkhole activity is responsible for damage to your home, business, building or property. We utilize independent geologist and structural engineers to obtain the most accurate evaluation of the cause of your damage.

Florida sinkhole laws are complicated and complex; we recommend you engage an experienced attorney to assist you with all phases of filing a claim. The earlier you get legal advice, the better. We hope you will choose our firm. We have extensive experience handling Florida sinkhole claims and work on a contingent fee basis.

We can assist you from the initial filing of your claim, the determination as to your best repair options and disputing the denial of your claim. In addition, once your claim is finalized, we will outline your options and assist you to achieve your goal, whether it is repairing the damage or selling your damaged home or property.

For questions about sinkhole damage and repairs, or to discuss filing your claim, please call for a
free, confidential consultation and case evaluation by calling us at (800) 451-6786 or submitting an intake form online. We look forward to assisting you.