Pre-Existing Damages And Florida Sinkhole Claims

While property insurance in Florida is required to cover damage from sinkhole activity, many insurance companies work hard to find reasons to deny valid claims. If your property has suffered damage from sinkhole activity — such as cracks in the walls and foundation, sunk or cracked flooring — you have a right to pursue money from your insurance company to properly repair the damages.

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Denial Due To Pre-Existing Damages

While the insurance companies and their adjusters should have your best interests at the forefront, their real interest is in finding any reason to deny your claim and avoid paying you what you deserve. One of the most common reasons for denied sinkhole claims is citing pre-existing damage on a property.

They will often use shoddy practices as they claim the damage on your property was sustained prior to your policy period. When that fails, they will often try to settle for cosmetic damages, rather than pay for a repair that will take care of the structural damage present on your property.

Get The Full Benefits Of Your Insurance Coverage

With offices throughout the Tampa Bay area, we can assist you with the denial of your sinkhole claim. At Williams Law Association, P.A., we will utilize independent geologist and engineers to determine the true source of damages. We work hard to hold the insurance company to their responsibility — ensuring that clients receive compensation for the damage caused by sinkhole activity.

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