Senate Bill 408 And Sinkholes In Florida

In May 2011, Senate Bill 408 (or “SB 408”), sponsored by Florida State Senator Garrett Richter, was signed into law by Governor Rick Scott. This law has been touted by the insurance companies as an effort to strengthen the insurance industry and reduce fraud, but it appears likely to have a chilling effect on many valid sinkhole claims.

Florida Senate Bill 408 can be viewed as a wholesale overhaul of state insurance laws and requirements pertaining to sinkhole claims. Only time and the real, practical consequences of individual aspects of the law will reveal its total impact. Led by accomplished property insurance claims lawyer K.C. Williams, we remain committed to seeking all available compensation for homeowners victimized by sinkhole damage and other covered events.

What Rights Do You Have Under New Sinkhole Insurance Laws?

We will thoroughly review your potential residential or commercial property claim in light of our firm’s extensive experience and new SB 408 stipulations and restrictions addressing matters such as:

Our clear focus at Williams Law Association, P.A., is on leveling the playing field and obtaining justice for policyholders who are treated unfairly by profit-focused insurance companies. More than ever in this new legislative climate, your choice of a lawyer to fight for your rights involving a sinkhole or other property damage claim may be critical.

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