Sinkhole repairs and insurance company responsibilities

If you are a Florida homeowner dealing with a sinkhole issue on your property, it is of course important that your insurance company fulfill its responsibilities. But repair of sinkholes is often not merely a one-shot deal. Even after a sinkhole has been initially repaired, it is very possible that sinkhole activity will continue to cause damage to your home. This could include cracks or other damage.

In this situation, keep in mind that the insurance company’s contractual obligation to you in a Florida sinkhole claim does not end with the initial repair. The insurance company is also responsible for cracks and other additional damage that appears later. If such damage occurs, the insurance company is on the hook to pay for the cost of all of the repair costs–not merely the initial repair.

These principles apply no matter what type of engineering work is required to fix the sinkhole damage. The techniques for doing so vary, depending on the terrain and the nature of the sinkhole damage.

One of the most basic repair techniques is to simply inject grout into the hole. There are also more advanced engineering methods available, however. These methods include the use of porous concrete, as well as reinforced plugs or pins.

The main thing to remember is this: When you are dealing with your insurance company about sinkhole damage, don’t think that the initial repair of a sinkhole is a guarantee against future damage. Be prepared to hold your insurer to its obligation to also pay for any additional repairs that become necessary.

Source: Florida Department of Environmental Protection, “Sinkhole Questions,” 2013