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The spinal cord is the cluster of nerves that extends from the brain through the spinal column down the entirety of the back. The spinal cord is one of the most crucial systems in the human body. It is responsible for sending signals from the brain to the rest of the nervous system. Unlike the rest of the body, however, the spinal cord does not have the ability to repair itself. Spinal cord injuries often leave permanent effects on those who suffer them.

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If your spinal cord injury occurred in the Tampa Bay area, a Tampa spinal cord injury attorney can help you determine if you have a case. At Williams Law, P.A., we offer free initial consultations for victims of spinal cord injuries. We can help you with your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today to schedule your consultation and speak with one of our Tampa spinal cord injury lawyers.

Spinal cord injuries can happen in a variety of settings. They are common in workplace accidents, car crashes, slip and fall incidents, and as a result of violent crime. Depending on where the injury occurred on the spinal cord, symptoms will vary. Generally, wounds higher on the spinal cord that are closer to the base of the skull have more dramatic consequences.

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How Much Compensation Can You Claim for a Spinal Cord Injury?

The severity and sensitivity of a spinal cord injury make it generally worth more than minor injury cases in Florida. Since the results of a personal injury claim directly correlate to the extent of damages the victim suffered, more serious injuries (such as paralysis) demand higher settlements or judgment awards. Most spinal cord injury victims suffer permanent aftereffects from their injuries. Even a lesser back injury, such as a slipped disc, can cause chronic pain.

Serious, long-lasting, disabling, and catastrophic injuries often translate into high-value civil claims – especially if the case goes to court. In a personal injury trial, it is the jury that determines the value of pain and suffering damages. If the jury sees the spine injury derailed the victim’s life, the jury is more likely to award higher general damages. Hiring a spinal cord injury attorney to help you demonstrate the seriousness of your injuries. An attorney can also demonstrate the impact on your life, helping you maximize financial recovery.

Every spinal cord injury claim is unique. The average cost of medical expenses for a spine injury varies from $350,000 to $1 million in the first year. For each subsequent year, depending on the severity of the damage, expenses range from $42,000 to $184,000. Add to this the price of travel and airfare, lost wages, psychiatric help, home or vehicle modifications, disability-related equipment. Then, evaluate your non-economic damages. A jury may award hundreds of thousands of dollars in pain and suffering for the average spine injury victim. View our past results for an idea of what your case could be worth.

How Does a Jury Calculate Pain and Suffering?

When dealing with an injury that causes permanent damage, one must consider the value of pain and suffering in an injury claim. If your claim doesn’t successfully settle outside of court, a jury may grant you a pain and suffering award during a personal injury trial. There is no set amount of pain and suffering damages all spine injury victims will receive. Instead, each jury will choose a separate amount. The amount is based on the facts of the case and the impressions they get from the plaintiff. Here’s how the general process works:

The Plaintiff Makes His or Her Case

The plaintiff will prove how significantly the spine injury impacted his or her life, usually through an emotional appeal. Testimony can come from the victim, his/her family, and from medical experts to prove damages. A qualified spinal cord injury attorney can help communicate this emotional appeal.

The Jury Considers the Facts and Comes to a Consensus

A jury can use a few different calculation methods for pain and suffering. The most common is the Multiplier Method. In this method, the jury will decide upon a number that represents the severity of the plaintiff’s damages. A one, for instance, represents low damages, while a five is severe. The jury will then multiply the chosen multiplier by the plaintiff’s compensatory damage amount to calculate the pain and suffering award.

Damage Caps Come Into Place

Florida does not impose any damage caps on economic and non-economic damages in personal injury claims. There is, however, a cap on punitive damages. You cannot receive more than three times the amount of compensatory damages (or $500,000, whichever is greater) in punitive damages.

The amount you receive in pain and suffering damages will depend on various factors. Some include the severity of your spinal injury, how greatly it impacted your life, and how well your lawyer demonstrates these losses to a jury. Past plaintiffs in Tampa spinal cord injury claims have received seven- and eight-figure verdicts. Maximize your odds of top results by retaining a lawyer from Williams Law, P.A. We know exactly how to handle these claims to the best interests of spinal cord injury survivors. Contact us today for more information.

Effects of a Spinal Cord Injury

Some nerve damage injuries are degenerative, worsening over time from repeated movements. Degenerative spinal problems are common in manual labor positions or any line of employment that involves constant heavy lifting. As a person repeatedly uses his or her back for lifting and support, the more stress affects the discs of the spine. Eventually, the intervertebral discs can slip out of place and cause compression on the spinal cord. Not only is this typically painful, it can also have permanent effects such as impaired mobility or lost range of motion.

Acute spinal cord injuries are often severely damaging. A car crash or high fall can completely sever the spinal cord. A severed spinal cord can eliminate the victim’s ability to control body functions in the affected area. A severing wound low on the spine in the lumbar region can cause the victim to lose the ability to walk or control bowel function. If the wound is higher on the spine, the victim may completely lose the use of his or her limbs, or even the ability to control bodily functions like breathing.

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Filing a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

If you or a loved one’s spinal cord injury happened because of someone’s negligence, you can recover your losses and seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Personal injury law hinges on the concept of negligence. To win your case, you must prove that the defendant (the party you are suing) had a duty to act with reasonable care. Then, you must prove the defendant breached this duty, and this breach directly resulted in your spinal cord injury. It’s important to note that these cases can be complex, so attempting to represent yourself in court is inadvisable.

The right attorney can help you secure compensation for various losses a spinal cord injury can cause. Some of the damages you might expect from a personal injury lawsuit include:

Dedicated Tampa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

If another person or party caused your spinal cord injury, there is no reason you should be left to pay for their mistake. Contact the team at Williams Law, P.A. and our spinal cord injury lawyers will schedule a free initial case evaluation to let you know how we can help and what to expect from a lawsuit.