Spring Break Safety Tips

Florida is a spring break destination for travelers around the world. The first quarter of 2018 saw a record-breaking 33.2 million visitors come to Florida. A trip to Miami, Daytona Beach, or Disney World might be on your agenda this spring break, but make sure you enjoy your vacation without a trip to the hospital. Personal injury accidents can happen by the pool, at the beach, or while shopping if you are not careful.

Plan Ahead

A bit of foresight could potentially save you from a dangerous situation. Mapping out your route, for example, could help you avoid serious traffic or driving through a rainstorm. Research the hotel you will be staying in, the amusement park or other place you will be visiting, and restaurants in the area. Having at least a loose plan can keep you moving safely from place to place, rather than driving around in circles or parked outside the hotel. Pack accordingly for your spring break vacation, with plenty of sunscreen and good shoes for walking.

Watch Where You Step

Every year, an average of one million people end up in the emergency room after slip and fall accidents. Slips, trips, and falls can cause bone fractures, head and brain injuries, and other serious injuries. When walking around the boardwalk, an amusement park, a shopping mall, or elsewhere, watch where you step. Avoid severely cracked or uneven sidewalks, as well as floors that appear wet or waxed. Look out for obstacles or debris in the walkway, especially at grocery stores. Wear dependable shoes with non-slip bottoms.

Never Drive Distracted

Car accident rates spike in Florida around spring break. In 2017, 3,116 people lost their lives in Florida auto accidents. Tourists, drunk drivers, and teen drivers can make the roads more dangerous this time of year. If you are a native Floridian, be extra careful while driving to spring break hotspots. Expect a lot of tourists and people from out of town. Drive defensively and assume other drivers will break roadway rules. If you are a tourist, obey all roadway signs and take it slow. It is illegal to text and drive in the state of Florida. Put your phone away while you are behind the wheel.

Drink Responsibly

If you plan on partying this spring break, do so responsibly. Always drink with a trusted and reliable buddy. When you go to the bathroom, have your buddy watch your drink. Before you head out, have a limit for how much you will be drinking. Knowing ahead of time can keep you from getting overly intoxicated. If you plan on getting drunk, make sure your buddy will be staying sober enough to take care of you. Never drink and drive. There is always a safer alternative. Take an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, or use a tool like SoberRides to find a ride near you.

Practice Water Safety

Florida is famous for its beautiful beaches and bright blue pools. Stay safe while swimming by never mixing it with alcohol. If you will be out boating or jet skiing, know the rules and go with someone who has experience. Be careful of riptides while swimming at the beach. Swim with a buddy on a beach that has lifeguards. If a riptide catches you, do not swim against it. Swim parallel to the shore until you are through the tide. Avoid sunburn by wearing at least SPF 30 on your entire body. Reapply after swimming and at least once per hour.

Know Your Rights

If an accident and injury does happen while spring breaking in Florida, know your rights. You have four years from the date of your accident to file a personal injury claim against a negligent or criminal party in Florida. A claim could result in compensation for your bills and property damages. Speak to a Tampa injury attorney for more information.