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In an ideal world, insurance companies would look out for a policyholder’s best interests. They would honor the terms of every policy and provide full and fair offers for viable claims. Unfortunately, the insurance system does not always work so smoothly. When insurers fail to act in good faith during the claims administration process, the team at Williams Law, P.A. is here to help.

We represent individuals in both first party and third-party insurance claims in St. Petersburg. Insurers who fail to provide fair benefits for valid claims under the terms of the policy are acting in bad faith. At Williams Law, P.A., we’ve successfully represented clients in insurance claims since 1995. We have a reputation for success in south Florida and a deep understanding of the insurance claims processes in our state. If an insurer has not treated you fairly, let us know. We have the resources and capabilities to hold even the largest insurers accountable for acts of bad faith.

Examples of Bad Faith

Bad faith only occurs when insurers take unreasonable actions and make unjustified decisions during the claims process. Common examples of bad faith may include:

In each of these examples, the insurer has failed to honor its contract to uphold the terms of a policy in the event of a claim. An insurer is not guilty of bad faith for:

To prove bad faith, we must demonstrate the insurer acted unjustly during the claims process and had knowledge of the unfair treatment. Count on our office to identify acts of bad faith and protect your rights under the law.

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What to Do if You Suspect Bad Faith

According to Florida bad faith laws, insurers must act in their policyholders’ best interests. If you believe an insurance company has purposefully denied or delayed coverage for an unfair reason, take these steps:

If you have a valid bad faith insurance claim, you may receive more than the policy benefits would have allowed under normal circumstances. The courts may award full compensation for all your losses and punitive damages (in cases involving extremely egregious acts).

Your St. Petersburg Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Don’t wait to seek legal advice if you suspect insurance bad faith. An early investigation will allow our team to secure the evidence needed to prove bad faith. Williams Law, P.A. works with bad faith insurance claims of all kinds ranging from auto insurance bad faith to homeowners’ insurance bad faith. As a well-known insurance claim lawyer in Florida, K.C. Williams can help you hold an unethical insurer accountable for your losses. For more information on our practice and a free case evaluation, contact our office in St. Petersburg today.