Steps you may need to take if an insurance claim is denied

For many people who reside in the state of Florida their home is the most expensive asset they have. Accordingly, it makes sense that if it is seriously damaged, they would want to act as quickly as possible to repair it. In many instances, an insurance claim may be filed to help cover the cost. Unfortunately, despite a homeowner’s belief that the damage should be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, a claim may be denied.

While fairly common, facing the denial of such a claim can be extremely frustrating. In some situations it is possible that the claim filed will not be covered by the insurance policy and the denial is legitimate. Other times however, that decision could be an error. Fortunately, policy holders whose claim has been denied can file an appeal.

The first thing to do when in this situation is to review your claim and policy to determine why the claim was denied. You may find that there was not a legitimate reason and the denial was a mistake due to something such as a filing error. If you cannot uncover this on your own, contact your insurer for assistance.

If, after reviewing your claim and policy you believe that a mistake was made, you need to gather evidence that supports that contention. Some of the ways in which this might be done include taking pictures of the damage, seeking an independent appraisal, laying out the facts surrounding the incident and providing records that illustrate the steps you took to protect your home from damage.

When you actually file your appeal you need to follow the process outlined by your insurer. The appeal should be supported by the evidence you gathered. Should it be denied, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the insurer.

Throughout this process it is important to closely follow instructions and provide all of the necessary supporting evidence. Because this can be complicated, many find it beneficial to work with a lawyer who handles insurance matters.

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