Tips to prevent roof damage

There is no question that our homes take a beating. The heat and moisture of Florida can be hard on structures of all kinds. When the wind picks up in the course of a storm, many different parts of the structure could be damaged, including the roof. There are things that can be done to try to reduce or prevent damage. Consumer Reports recently provided tips on how to avoid roof damage. 

The first tip is to prevent the penetration of water by making sure the flashing on the roof does not need to be replaced or repaired. If it is not in good shape, it should be fixed. Similarly, the rest of the roof should be checked for other damage. Specifically watch for damaged or missing tiles if the roof is sloped or where flat roofs are concerned, gravel is missing. In addition, surface bubbles also spell trouble and should be repaired.

Other tips involve the removal of dead branches from trees so that they will not be blown off and fall on the house, causing damage. Taking care of the gutters is also important. Keeping them clear of leaves and other debris makes sure the water can properly drain and not backup onto the roof.

Of course not everyone conducts regular inspections of the roof of structures and sometimes even when they do, roof damage nonetheless occurs. When a roof is damaged in a storm a homeowner may file insurance claims. When that claim is denied or the insurer pays out an amount that is inadequate for the damage inflicted upon a roof a lawyer who handles insurance matters may be of assistance. These individuals usually understand the insurance system backward and forward, and understand the best approach to take to try to achieve your goals.

Source: Consumer Reports, “6 ways to prevent weather damage to your roof Before the snow flies, inspect your roof and make any needed repairs,” Sept. 11, 2014 03:00 PM